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My text from my quick topic.

Spoiler: WW Afterlife: gac3
You are Neutral aligned. Your win condition does not care about the current gamestate, or your own status among the living. Your win condition is to have access to at least one QT link for every player who hasn't been eliminated.

Every night, you may target two players who have not been eliminated from the game. You may select yourself as one of the targets, if you wish. I will create a conversation QT named "Afterlife: [target 1] / [target 2]", and privately post a link to that QT in the personal QTs of target 1, target 2, and you. You are allowed to talk in this QTs, if you wish. If the two targets already have a conversation QT between them, your power fails.
This supports my theory that you are not the medium and are just a town-aligned neutral. I am afraid that now that we have had all this discussion, AV won't comment (at least publicly) on your role title. As such we won't have anything but your word for it now, either way.