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Because AV was very careful in my QT to tell me my role (Ghost) and my alignment (town). Since AV skipped your role name and just called your neutral, I am inclined to believe that you are some un-named neutral role that should be town aligned (jus create QTs to connect people). However I could also see a universe where you are scum aligned and have altered your QT summary to show a more towny set of rules. Since we know for sure you are not town, and since *I* think you are not the medium (others are free to draw their own conclusions), I am going to sit with my vote you on for now.
Hmmm... I know I didn't modify my thing. Actually I did leave out one redacted bit in all fairness. But it's a single line about how a power affects me that I would like to keep to myself for the moment if people don't mind.

But my text (as far as my minimal attempts to check have been) near identically matches the medium text from the OP. But that doesn't really prove anything because I have the ability to copy and paste. AV has not weighed in privately about if I'm the medium but I think it more likely that it was a mistake? Even if I'm not the medium, why would I not be given some kind of role name? Like... If I'm *Neutral Not-Medium* then what purpose does it serve to not tell me my roll name?

Also not to make me sound more lynch worthy but I'm not sure how inherently townie I am. I can make QTs which might not mean much and seems townie, but it could also lead to me getting in contact with the wolves if one of them is willing to expose their self to me. So I think I'm more a neutral neutral with some options.