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    Rogue_alchemist ISO:
    Spoiler: ISO for RA
    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    Somebody's got to do it, so it might as well be me. I blame Xihirli. Statistically speaking, it is usually her fault.
    NAI open post

    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    it is an acronym OMG yoU Suck! as in, I am going to vote for you because you voted for me is an OMGUS vote.

    EDIT: And more is coming, this was just the easiest to respond to.
    Helping mech/explain acronyms is easy content for wolf. Kinda NAI tho

    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    Work sucks, but we all know how that goes.

    Hey, Iím not a monster. Iím just ahead of the curve.

    I'm guessing that Emmy was trying to respond to something in Cao's quote just above it in my message. Maybe that the Medium might repeat same action, I can't figure out what "it" refers to.

    I have one more quote to go find and do a read off of and that'll be all the meat I can find. This thread has been a whole lotta finger pointing and tongue-in-cheek voting that seems to turn serious for no apparent reason. As such I can't find particularly wolfy behavior until we have some voting being resolved.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gac3 asking if dead people are wolves makes me think gac is alive. This is pertinent information for later, but I am not sure that it means much for now.
    Picks up on the Gac thing, not a bad look here.

    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    I get it, gac3 is definitely not true town, and must be neutral if he is alive. General feelings are that the only good neutral is a dead neutral, but the fluff makes it seem that not all neutrals are bad. I don't know how he can prove it one way or the other short of us lynching him, but here we are. If he is willing, I would love to hear win-con and claims. Might as well pressure now that I've pointed all this out. Gac3
    The good old wolfy "This is why it's good, but maybe this is why it's bad! I don't know, but here's a vote!"

    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    yea, I was worried, but this still doesn't confirm true medium or whatever. Since there are investigative roles with paranormal abilities, gac could just be some other rando. I get the argument that there can't be that many neutrals, but I think we are in the case of the medium and 1 town neutral (can connect people or do role identification or something) and 1 scum neutral (can exorcise ghosts or whatever to 'kill' people).
    And unless I missed it in the OP, this is an interesting little "theory" about what's in the game. I honestly think that this may be a touch of either TMI or intentional obfuscation right here.

    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    This supports my theory that you are not the medium and are just a town-aligned neutral. I am afraid that now that we have had all this discussion, AV won't comment (at least publicly) on your role title. As such we won't have anything but your word for it now, either way.
    Intentionally dismissing Gac.

    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    Because AV was very careful in my QT to tell me my role (Ghost) and my alignment (town). Since AV skipped your role name and just called your neutral, I am inclined to believe that you are some un-named neutral role that should be town aligned (jus create QTs to connect people). However I could also see a universe where you are scum aligned and have altered your QT summary to show a more towny set of rules. Since we know for sure you are not town, and since *I* think you are not the medium (others are free to draw their own conclusions), I am going to sit with my vote you on for now.
    An accusation of "The Mod forgot my name" is almost never scum. Scum has multiple people to compare PMs for them to come up with a specific fake.

    Instead we have a lot of "maybe but other people can draw their own conclusions" which is advocating for Gac's flip without placing blame on themselves if Gac is exactly what they say they are.

    You know what that sounds like? Wolfy agenda!

    Rogue. You and I again, except this time I'm the town and you're the scum. Delicious irony.

    Please see the above ISO for why you all should get on board town agenda and flip the Rogue Alchemist.

    Or pressure him until the cracks appear.

    I'm good with either.

    Gac is almost always just Medium here. We can ignore him as long as he's fine voting with consensus.

    EMMY please clarify your weird post.

    Snow is probably just town? Take with a grain of salt but I think Snow is just town rn.
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