So my first reaction was "bladescape,, you're chasing the same person you just cased as a wolf. That's not great." But then on actually reading the case it's pretty different to the one from Craziest Idea (with the caveat that I haven't reread that one because phoneposting). And the townread on me is appreciated.

My gut now says bladescape is town, but I could just be being pocketed... though on the other hand I didn't quite get to the townread in Craziest Idea when he was trying to pocket me. Meh... good enough for a quiet day one, I can come back after flips assuming I'm not the one flipped.

As for "is rogue_alchemist a wolf", I... honestly don't know. It's a good case, but I thought that in CI when he was town, and ages ago I used to scumread him all the time, regardless of his alignment.

About the "more than one neutral"... would a wolf *have* TMI that there's more than one? I was thinking that if rogue is a wolf he likely only has one partner for that post, as I don't think there's much chance of three neutrals and three wolves. Though, then again, intentional obfuscation is a possibility.

Actually, some people would have TMI if more neutrals existed: rogue_alchemist, are you another neutral?

...meh, I've been at this for long enough, I need to drag myself out of bed now. Conclusion: I think bladescape is town, I don't know if rogue_alchemist is a wolf but there's a high chance I end up self-preserving there anyway so... *shrug*

Also I can't be bothered to put together a vote count but there's 11-12 hours left. Just enough time for a CFD of someone who isn't me!