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What's TMI?
Too Much Information, as you'd expect.

It's basically a quickhand way of saying "This opinion comes from a point of view that has information no towny should have."

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Also, Snow, this is an aggressive case. In CI it was a defensive case. It would look different no matter my alignment.

(Yes, I know this is me dismissing a reason to townread me and I should shut up, but meeeeh. )

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Rogue Expresses a neutral-friendly-ish viewpoint there.

Why is he suddenly anti-neutral in this game?

Maybe because the claimed neutral is townsiding?

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So my first reaction was "bladescape,, you're chasing the same person you just cased as a wolf. That's not great." But then on actually reading the case it's pretty different to the one from Craziest Idea (with the caveat that I haven't reread that one because phoneposting). And the townread on me is appreciated.

My gut now says bladescape is town, but I could just be being pocketed... though on the other hand I didn't quite get to the townread in Craziest Idea when he was trying to pocket me. Meh... good enough for a quiet day one, I can come back after flips assuming I'm not the one flipped.
Honestly I would've loved to get wolf here too. It would've made 3/3 wolf rands since returning.