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I'm fine being ignored and voting with the consensus. Though seriously, if anyone wants to have a QT set up with me or someone else, feel free to let me know. Beyond that my goal is to just stay alive until I have a solid chance at my win.

I kinda like the logic of RA being a wolf. But Bladescape seems very sure of themselves. Idk bladescape well enough to know if that's normal. I also am hesitant to side with Bladescape because while it sounds very convincing, the main case is "RA tried to make gac3 look Wolfy" which means I might be biased.

Also, reads on snow in my experience are meaningless. They are fairly good at being town, even when they are a wolf.
Bladescape, in my experience, always states something mater-of-factly and tries to get go back and get support for it afterwards. The tone isn't wolfy for him, but I know I am town, so it feels wolfy to me

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I was with wolf!Snow back a few games ago in a game you ran.

I am aware they could be duping me, but their content so far feels different to that game so I'm going to take a chance? We'll see how it works out for me.

As for sure of themselves, let me put it this way:
A. Rogue is wolf and we will find that out
B. Rogue is town who did something not great, but if this is the case then I should be able to work that out from pressure.

Also even if Rogue is town, using unified pressure and actual thoughts will motivate the thread to do something.

And somethings are readable.

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The reason I'm sus of Rogue here is that in my first game with him he was all on board with helping Neutral (Emmy) win her wincon and move on.

Here he's pressuring and not believing a role that can be counterclaimed AND has verifiable mech.
You have to remember the last several games have been all power roles which makes town's relations with neutrals different. Here there are very few people with powers. Powers can quickly screw over town now and so it is in town's best interest to remove them, if they can't be guaranteed to help.

This specific game presents a dilemma in that I believe no towny (or maybe 1) has a power and we MUST rely on neutrals to help us. The neutrals are all truely neutral and could help town or help scum. Scum at least has a NK, but probably also has a QT creation power if not something more powerful to insinuate themselves into town.

I will direcly state I am just normal town (I pretty much said this in my analysis of gac) I am a ghost that AV came back and clarified was town in the second post of my QT. I assumed as much from the fluff, but I wasn't sure if it was part of the bastardy component of this game. As a hint, I think the win-con of the town ghosts can be used as a way to out a wolf. If you think you have someone cornered, and they insist they are town, have them reveal the win-con with only a few hours left as proof. I don't think the scum will be able to word it just right. This means that town shouldn't share the win-con in any created QTs.

I could also see that the Medium is able to create QTs between 2 people (and join themselves, making 3), and maybe the wolf power is to just spy on QTs if they target at least 1 person in the group besides the medium (if someone is in more than 1 group, it is probably randomly assigned which one the wolves get to see). But I guess this won't work because the QTs keep a track of unique views and it would suddenly become obvious that a wolf (or a bunch of wolves) looked at a QT, so probably the creation thing more than the spy thing.

As far as being lynched, I am fine with it because work has suddenly taken over my life again and my wife is going out of town this weekend for me to watch the child. As such I will be extremely busy for the foreseeable future and not as able to contribute. However with LoyL by D3, feel free to leave me alive and I will at least keep posting to vote where it seems most needed (likely the majority if I am too busy to really read, or with whoever is most convincing if it seems something is going on).