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    blade's ISO on rogue gives me vibes of trying to make an argument for someone being a wolf, rather than actually analyzing and deciding whether you think someone is wolfy based on what they've said and done.

    Not at all a fan of this:

    Quote Originally Posted by bladescape View Post
    Honestly I would've loved to get wolf here too. It would've made 3/3 wolf rands since returning.
    Apart from the troublesome subtext of "hey guys, look at how much I've been a wolf recently: I totally can't be one in this game now, right? That's just statistics." I don't really buy this being a townie state of mind. Wolf twice in a row? Not that crazy. Being town after being wolf twice in a row? I don't think anyone really gives that much thought. I find it easier to believe that someone who did actually get wolf for the third time in a row is going to have that fact on their minds.

    Quote Originally Posted by bladescape View Post
    I lead the charge, I take the blame.


    I just realised he could be another Neutral. Which would explain the TMI and the approach as well.

    Can you clarify Rogue?

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    Props to Gac and Snow for picking up the other neutral angle when I was making my tunnel.
    Quote Originally Posted by bladescape View Post
    Also if this flips wrong I welcome town to pressure or look closely at me. You should never let people lead town without scrutiny UNLESS they're cleared.

    Side note: If R_A flips neutral I don't consider that a wrong flip so I refuse to allow people to pressure me in that case.
    Quote Originally Posted by bladescape View Post
    I must admit I'm kinda hoping Rogue shows up to at least talk before dying. Just in case I'm wrong lmao.
    Sounds like someone worried about the flip, while trying to look like they're not worried about the flip.


    Final thought: I don't actually like Snow's "hey, I could have lurked but I didn't. Why would a wolf do that, huh?" The lady protests too much, methinks.
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