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    Quote Originally Posted by bladescape View Post
    I can't help but feel there's a dissonance here. Am I misreading this or is R_A's stance changing?

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    That being said, other than the stance changing it actually wasn't a terrible response.

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    Not entirely accurate, but I do state things more confidently than I necessarily feel in the moment.

    Wolves aren't going to tremble when you are like "Maybe?" and vote them. Wolves feel pressure when you stand up and plant your flag on their dead corpse.

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    Book, what do you think of Snow now?

    Also what do you think of R_A?

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    Emmy still looking for you to please clarify this.

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    Uh. I thought BW was on Snow for some reason.

    What do you think of Aventine too?
    First that was a lot of rapid fire posting. Someone is hyped up on caffeine (or really nervous). I am glad you accept my answer, and I'm sorry if it seems like I am flip-flopping, just putting thoughts and info out there. Neutrals are harder to deal with this game. They hold some special place, but I am not sure on my feelings of where, so I will default to the standard Non-all-powered game answer of they should die. However with all the attention you have brought to yourself, I am happy to switch to you, bladescape, even if it is just a feeble attempt to help another wagon gain steam in the last hour.

    As far as Snow's comment about people single posting a weird vote on her and then disappearing, that is is also suspicious. Apogee has posted since then, but not changed their vote, Murska just agreed with me but hasn't changed either. I would switch to her wagon to save myself, if I wasn't so ready to let this game go. I hope Cao and BW switch to areal wagon before the EOD just to have more analysis than single posts of nothing much to go off of.

    I will say you should closely look at the people who jumped on my wagon so readily. I don't have a problem with bladescape per-se making a somewhat coherent argument and trying to use a pressure vote, but batcathat, snowblaze (even though mostly out of self-preservation) and gac3 jumping over feels just really convenient. gac is likely just the medium and so can't be scum, that really leaves BCH looking the most sus out of the group, but a vote on them right now won't go anywhere, so I won't bother.

    Snowblaze (3): Murska, Apogee1, Supagoof,
    bladescape (1): Aventine, rogue_alchemist
    rogue_alchemist (5): Batcathat, gac3, Snowblaze, bladescape, Xihirli
    gac3 (1): CaoimhinTheCape,
    Aventine (1): Book Wombat

    Not Voting: EmmyNecromancer (only the 1 cryptic post)
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