What Are Halflings?

Some say they are the children of elves. They don't explain how there are old halflings.

Some say a human mated with a fairy. Um... Was it good for her?

The truth is that nobody knows.

The Truth

Elder titans created what was to become halflings before even the gods were born. At the time these beings were more like ogres than anything currently alive, but the first gods discovered that they could gain power from the devotion of these beings, and they scrambled to gather as many as they could and they reshaped them to their ideal.

A war was fought by the proto-ogres against the gods, but the gods won, even though some of the elder titans fought on the side of their creations. This war reshaped the world and the gods divided it among themselves.

A sad ending for the first gods came as new deities were birthed, ascended from mortals, or came to be in other ways. The new breed, having grown up with worship, were better attuned to it and much more dependent upon it for their sustenance. They displaced the elder gods, some few of which survive in a much weakened state, deprived of worship.

Thus, two generations of gods formed halflings, humans, ogres, giants, and the modern beings called titans, though they are fully mortal. The original proto-ogres are long gone.


On occasion a traveler will tell of a hidden valley or mountaintop or deep jungle where a city of tall, beautiful humanlike folk live in peace with abundant food and a lifestyle devoted to art and leisure.

But returning to the place, one finds only a valley, mountain, or jungle.