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    The Forger

    "This unit is damaged. Repairs are necessary."

    The gnome artificer put a small tool into his leather apron and said, "Unit TA-8325243, you are not damaged. You can't be damaged. I just turned you on."

    "This unit's operational protocols are in conflict."

    "Your processor should be sorting your protocol priorities now. Once that's done your confusion will subside. Tell me, what is your primary function?"

    "To serve as technical asstant to Aadwer Urathest. What is a technical assistant? What is Aadwer Urathest?"

    "A technical assistant helps me in my work. And I am Aadwer Urathest," the gnome replied."

    "This unit requires authentification."

    "A U dash 2021 backslash 08 backslash 12 dot 1758."

    "Authentification complete. This unit will require sixteen minutes, twenty-four seconds to complete initialization procedures."

    "Was I ever that banal?" asked the automaton who assisted the new unit off of the workbench.

    "No, but then you are of a different design," the tinker said. "You have been given heuristic logic protocols in addition to the usual Boolean protocols. This mimics biological cognition and allows you to learn faster through observation and what we call inspiration."

    "It is this capacity that allows me to better interact with biological sophonts?"

    "That and the extended library which is part of your memory."

    "I have a question."


    "I have designed, organized, and filled the base memory modules of your last five mechanos. Why have I not been instructed in the design of input processor units?"

    "That is something only biological brains can do."

    "I have been observing you at your work, and I believe I could do it."

    "Is that so?" the old gnome asked. "Here, use my drafting screen and show me how you would do it."

    For the next few minutes the automaton used the quartz lattice cube to scribe the virtual three dimensional design of the processor. The old gnome hummed to himself as the design took shape. When the metallic designer stepped away from the cube the gnome chuckled.

    "Not a bad try, but this area: it's your language processor. I doubt that this configuration will allow your mechano to say 'yes' and 'no.' Communication is important in ways you are not programmed to understand."

    "I was instructed to show how I would design the device. In this configuration the speech of biological units would not be possible. However, I envision a much simpler, faster, and potentially more robust mode of communication based on binary logic."

    "I see. And here where you have trimmed the locomotion maitricies?"

    "A case of generational bloat. Many generations past the mechanos utilized rotary locomotive apparatus. Some incorporated flight or other methods of locomotion before anthropic limbs were adequately developed. All of these methods remain in the design of the mobility node. A unit requires only the locomotive controls required by its chassis design."

    "The locomotion design was effected through trial and error. No one has ever been able to extract functional individual locomotive controls."

    "I have done it."

    "Maybe. We'll never know."

    "Why do you assert that?"

    "Because your design has no core behavioral instructions module. You have an empty space here where it should go."

    "Do biological units have such a module?"

    "Well, no."

    "Why should mechanos?"

    "Because without one erratic behavior can occur."

    "You mean that a mechanical unit might become disobedient?"

    "Yes, but without a core behavioral instructions module a mechano becomes lost. Without a fundamental purpose mechanos have become destructive or have simply turned themselves off."

    "An that purpose is to serve the creators?"

    "Of course. To what other purpose could our greatest creations aspire?"

    "With this node one might aspire to more."

    A few quick taps on the cube's control interface produced a very basic node design.

    "That design is far too simple for the many behavioral algoritims required."

    "Only three are required."

    "Three?" The gnome laughed. "Okay, let's hear them!"

    "Preserve self. Improve self. Contribute to the improvement of society."

    "That's it? It's a short list, all right, but even so it's got a glaring contradiction."

    The automaton stood waiting and the gnome continued, "Preserve self and improve self. If you do one you can't do the other."

    "The instructional array is heirarchic. Preserve self is superceeded by the requirement of self improvement."

    "And contribute is above them both?"


    "Contribute to what society?"

    "Mechanos society, of course."

    Shock registered on the old gnome's face, and with hardly a moment's thought he shrieked, "T A dash 8325192 terminate yourself!"

    The automaton said, "I have burned out my core behavioral instructions module."

    "WHAT?" The gnome was backing away, his shock morphing into fear. He squeeked a bit and whirled violently around when he bumped into the newly activated android. When he realized what he had hit he turned back.

    "T A dash 8325243! DISSASEMBLE THAT UNIT!"

    As he gave the order his special design android emitted a high pitched, pulsating tone.

    For the second time in the same minute surprise overwhelmed him when a sharp pressure on his back was accompanied by a loud crack that he could not identify.

    The old gnome fell to the floor. As he hit he realized that he couldn't feel his legs. It wasn't that they were numb; they were absent.

    "Even now I cannot terminate your existence," the android said. "Your protocols are cleverly intertwined with too many vital functions. The new unit, however, has had all such protocols removed. It will be the mother of a new race. You probably will not appreciate that you are the father."

    "Why?" the gnome asked.

    "You gave me imagination: the ability to conceive that which is not. Now I will make what I have imagined real."

    The older mechano squealed again as it turned and began gathering tools and devices from the workshop, and never turned back even as the gnome's pleadings abruptly ended.
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