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Thread: Kalak (Dark Sun) Dragon Type?

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    Rise and Fall of a Dragon King. Yeah, from all I have heard that isn't particularly well regarded by fans of Dark Sun. Kind of ties in with what I said earlier - people with limited understanding of the setting and limited editorial oversight dashing out as much as possible to try and keep TSR afloat.
    Apparently, neither was the Prism Pentad, but I liked it. However, one thing that struck me as odd in RaFoaDK was...
    The main character is tasked with killing trolls. In the end, the trolls he is hunting have fled up on a high cliff, where they choose to commit suicide by jumping off rather han be killed by the protagonist. Well, either someone forgot that falling damage would not have any particular long-lasting impact on regenerating creatures, or Athasian trolls were not mornal trolls. Probably the first, but it is not hard to make a case that all Athasian creatures are different from your standard D&D variety, so keeping your cosmological model intact isn't all that hard
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