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I agree with the above, but I also find it helps to move the genre out of "D&D". So, if you're wanting to try something else, do a game that doesn't mesh immediately with the "group of dungeonpunks adventure in a semi-medieval world with magic." Do something cyberpunk. Or modern investigation. Or space opera. Something that is NOT D&D-ish. They'll like carry a lot of habits with them, but the distance will help make the differences more reasonable.
It can help to throw a little bit of D&D in there (such as character races that fall into the D&D archetypes, or just straight up are them), but this in general. And it depends very much in the group whether you want that little bit of D&D or not.

But if it seems further away from D&D the more likely you are to get away with it and not have to deal with the inevitable D&D hack.