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    Nuts & Bolts:

    A year on Gaialan is 301 days long, with a leap-year every 7 years. A human that is 20 Gaialan years old is biologically equivalent to a human in our world at 16 1/2.

    Years are measured from the day the last Giant was driven from the continent, being year 0. Before this time, years are given the Gnomish prefix AL, Ante Libertas (Before Freedom, roughly). After this time, there is no prefix. Most of the information presented here assumes the current era, approximately 2100.

    The original Giant calendar was abandoned, though its form was copied due to its usefulness. The year is separated into 12 months, each with 25 days. In the original Giant calendar, the extra day was considered the first day of spring, but in the modern era the extra day is the day the Rise ended, the first Day of Freedom. That day is celebrated by all the races of Gaialan, and occurs in mid-winter.

    Months were renamed to honor great heroes from each race, two Human, two Dwarf, two Gnome, two Goblin, two Minotaur, and two Orc. The leap-day every 7 years falls before the Day of Freedom, and has various roles depending on the culture. For example, the Dwarves take this day to honor those that fell during the Giant Era & fought during the Rise, a day of mourning before celebrating their liberation.


    The planar cosmology is unique, which Gnome scholars have tried to understand by equating it to a higher-dimensional cubic form.

    Every plane touches all others, with the exception of planes of opposing nature. For example, the Elemental Plane of Water opposes the plane of Fire, and can be reached by every plane except each other.

    The Ethereal Plane isn't considered a true plane by the scholars, but instead is considered another form of matter. There is no such thing as the Deep Ethereal. The Astral Plane is something of a false plane by their standards, and is believed to have been created by the Giants as an additional means to travel between the planes. This is up for dispute, as there are some Giant texts that suggest it was created by another power.

    The Known Planes (and the opposing Plane)
    Good-Evil (the home of Celestials and Fiends)
    Life-Death (Positive and Negative Energy Planes)
    Realm of Faerie-Shadow

    It is generally believed all planes connect to the Prime Material Plane because it is the center of the cosmology. However, there is an unpopular theory that there is an opposition that exists, but its alien nature makes it difficult to even conceive. Scholars researching this path have been known to go mad, and even sometimes mysteriously disappear.