Students are warned that the purpose of this exercise is to open young minds to possibilities, and to examine each with the same rigor. True tests of falsification require that one not simply embrace or dismiss a theory because one believes it to be true or false, but that one repeatedly test and refine the test until one achieves reproduceable results.

From The Rants Of Ludic Borgeanna

Every plane has opposition. A creature from Fire is destroyed when standing on the plane of Water. The various planes protect themselves from their opposites.

In fact, the realm of Fire is only aware of the realm of Water through interaction with us. This is documented in the Crystaline Library on the Plane of Earth. Though none of the other planes have such a permanent repository of knowledge, the sage Vulloopobloop of the court of Dao Urooshaashaa on the Plane of Water recited an oral history that confirmed Water's first awareness of Fire came via summonings to the material plane.

Having for sixty years recorded and analyzed phlogiston flow, having thoroughly mapped and remapped the ley lines and their mutations over time, and having devised a mathematics which explains and indeed accurately predicts the ebb and flow of magic over and through our reality, I came to realize that our plane is not the center of the multiverse.

A crude analogy can be made with magnetism. When one sprinkles iron filings on a parchment and lays a bar magnet in its center, then gently taps the parchment, concentric rings of iron filings are formed. These rings are densest near the ends of the magnet.

Simarly, my mathematical proof predicts just such clustering at the poles of our reality, and demands that an opposite pole must exist. This would be in the form of another prime material plane, around which are clustered its constituent planes.

To prove this theory to the idiots who dismised me from my position in the Academy Arcana I have devised and perfected a spell which will allow a being of Fire to exist for a time in Water, and a being of Earth to safely visit Air. I have made and refined my calculations, and I know where the opposite reality is located.

(Further experimentation is required to prove that the Astral Plane exists as the conduit between them.)

As all of my preparations are complete and my prognostications indicate success, I now begin my first test. When next I set pen to parchment it will be to show the world what a fool they have in the High Magister Ellinkavestarion.

end of excerpt

Of course we only know of the Mad Mage Borgeanna because her journals were published by the High Magister.

The refined Borgeanna Curves still accurately predict phlogistan flux, but the core of her theory has been falsified through repeated attempts to contact this theoretical other plane, resulting in countless failures and at least two hundred vanished or dead while attempting to duplicate the proposed experiment.

The work we experimentalists perform is dangerous, but the greatest danger of all is to become so mired in dogma that one fails to see a possibility. And the reflection, the opposite, of that is to become so enamored with a possibility that one rejects any objective falsification.

A researcher must also be a dreamer, but she must vigorously apply objective falsification tn distinguish the dream from reality.