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    Name: Inexorabletruth
    Ways to Contact: IM will be fine
    Posting Frequency: 1 to 3 times per week.
    Type of Campaign: D&D (5e)
    Types of Characters: Mostly Core Race/Class combos.
    Old Characters: Most of my old characters have been lost in the archives somewhere, but I tend to prefer martial classes rather than spell casters. If I pick a spellcaster, it's almost always a cleric. I don't need or desire to be the game MVP. I'm just happy to be included, and will generally go with the flow. I'll include links to the few characters that can still be found online. The rest... I'll just summaries.

    D&D 3.5 Characters
    August Tribolde (Lvl 1 Human Aristo/Level 3 Pally)
    A snooty, racist, elitist Aristocrat/Palladin of Tyranny for a low-op evil campaign. I've reused this a-hole as a villain or at least a foil in several campaigns I've run as well. The build was highly deoptimized and honestly, that was the point. I wanted him to fail, and he kind of became the comic relief of the game.
    Burning Sky (Lvl 1 Human Fighter/Level 4 Monk)
    A proud, if somewhat naive, Native American-inspired Barbarian. His whole build was centered around him ambushing enemies by jumping or diving from the high ground and coming down (throwing axes first) into an opponent's skull. He worked better than you'd think for such a low-tier build, and he inspired more Monk builds. Apparently, I'm at my best in 3.5 when I'm building Monks... which is really crazy.
    Gerbo Garrick (Level 1 Gnome Fighter)
    A spunky, good-natured young farmer turned fighter. The game never advanced to level 2, unfortunately. So... not much to say about him.
    Mighty Mo "Monica" (Level 3 Razerclaw Shifter Monk)
    A stoic and fiercely loyal monk. Their death was, by far, the most epic death of any of my PCs. (They don't all die, I just don't rage quit if they do, so DMs aren't afraid to let it happen.) They was so incredibly popular, that their lore lives on in any game run by me or my circle of friends, and you can often find a monument to them in monasteries. They was very fun and challenging to play as well.
    Osborn (Level 10 Halfling Rogue)
    An acrobatic and kleptomaniac air-pirate. As you can see, I don't Multiclass often. It's just not my thing. I don't need it. Single class characters are lots of fun if you let them get to mid-to-upper levels. This build was designed to be incredible at tying people up. He had a kind of code about not killing. So, he mostly stuck opponents with knives until they gave up. Then he tied them up, looted them, and found a way to profit from their capture.
    Versvesh Lvl 6 Aquatic Orc Level 4 Barbarian/Level 2Rogue
    A happy-go-lucky privateer who prizes family and friends above any other treasure. The game was so engaging and the players were so enthusiastic and creative that we didn't notice the DM had quit the game until he hadn't posted in over a month.
    Rodney Dangerfield (Human Level 3 Expert
    A selfish, smart-alec stand-up comic with a preference for cheesy one-liners. I put as much as I could into Performance and Diplomacy and basically talked my way out of fights. For an NPC class, I'm going to say he was a really strong build. He was one of two PCs in the game that didn't get killed, and I was even able to get members of the party resurrected for. free. But only once.

    D&D 4E Characters
    Ash Level 3 Razerclaw Fighter
    A stealthy and acrobatic Shifter Fighter inspired by Spetznaz. He was really fun to play, and I would probably want to rebuild this character for any future 4E games.
    Malor Malial (Level 1 Wizard)
    One of my very rare wizard appearances. He was a clever, yet inexperienced, military advisor and strategist. He died well.
    Regjak the Redeemer (Level 1 Paladin)
    A socially awkward, yet well-intended, mercenary. The game didn't go well, and it made me lose my taste for 4E. But, I learned a lot about the Dragonborn because of him, and have used them when I DM as NPCs several times since.

    Characters I Still Have Sheets To

    Old Campaigns:
    All old campaigns I've been in are gone. They got deleted from the database at some point, and I rarely get a chance to play as a PC, thus I have nothing to show you.
    Current Campaigns:
    I am not currently in a campaign, though I think I would very much like to be. Don't get me wrong... I love being a DM, but running a game can be stressful and exhausting. Sometimes, it's just nice to only have to worry about one character and how they relate to the rest of the party. I'm officially done (DONE I say) with 3E and 3.5 campaigns. I prefer 5E campaigns, but I can be talked into a 4E campaign if the game looks awesome and the DM is solid. So, hit me up if you've got a game. I'll do what I can to be a fun, engaged, and clever player.
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