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Thread: 2nd AD&D Perception checks?

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    It all comes down to PC actions. If the player states they investigate the body, you tell them who it is (assuming he's known to the PCs), and that he's dead. If they ask how he died, you tell them about the wound. In short, if the player asks about it, you tell them. No dice required.

    If there's something you need a special skill to know about (the rope was tied with a special knot, unique to the assassins based in Nice, France), if one of the PCs has the right back ground or skill, you tell them. If none of them do, you tell them only the things they can see (it's a special knot, but they've never seen its like before).

    That's how I run it, anyway. When in doubt, share the information. Almost every adventure is made better by giving the PCs more clues.

    The closest thing that 2nd Edition has to a perception test (that I'm aware of) is the Surprise Check. Other than that, tell them what's before their eyes.
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