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I am starting a new campaign tonight and as I have written this campaign over the last 3 years and wrote it for multiple editions as I rotated through motivation, I ran into a problem as I was rereading tonight's portion. I know we solved this in the 90s, I just cant remember how.

How do you roll for perception in 2E? Like in an example

"If PCs check the body on an easy perception check they find it belongs to a familiar Baron Joris Iselmere of France. A difficult perception check notes a small incision in the back of his neck between where his helm and his chain shirt cover as if made by a small dagger. A moderate investigation check reveals this was a murder not a battle wound."
This works for editions 3+ But how do I pull it off here?
A simple method is Wisdom or Intelligence checks; I tend to use Wisdom for things you notice, while Intelligence for things you investigate.

Rule of thumb is Easy is +3 (So, an easy perception check would be Wisdom+3 or under on a d20), Moderate is +/-0 (So, under Wisdom on a d20), and difficult is -3 (so, Wisdom-3).

You might also look at proficiencies. Recognizing the Baron might be Local History, Etiquette, or Heraldry. Noting the incision on the back of the neck, and the fact that it was not a battle wound, might be Healing.