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    Default 2e Black Crusade Campaign If anyone is interested

    This was my intro for my party. We used For Gold Or Glory rules for the most part since the only differences I have noted so far are in the proficiency section(They are made so much more useful). I am just copy pasting from my papers so you will see references to other editions I didnt edit out and had to convert on the fly to 2e. Its extremely railroady. I know this, I warned the players pregame and apologized after, its to set the setting and get them started. They will have far more freedom after this to handle things as they want. For reference the start is almost no magic. Clerics heals only do d4+1 healing and they have no access to anything else. Wizards(we dont have any) limited to cantrip and find familiar.

    _For anyone who has read Black Crusade, I did change the end of this encounter so there isnt a court scene. Knowing one of my players I was pretty sure he would not give false accusations and the whole scenario would be shot. He is like this in real life and he has carried it over into his paladin character. On that note, we have 2 brand new players who have never had a chance to play RPGs and the others havent played anything but 5e. So alot of the encounters were designed to learn the mechanics or refresh them in my case not having played 2e since 2000. I love For Gold or Glory, so awesome of a system. They had 20 years to clean up the 2e system and they did not fail.

    Into in the primer I sent to them pre-game to get an idea for their characters. (Predictably some failed to get the email lol)
    The year is 1099. You have just traveled and fought across the continent of Europe and then fought your way into the Holy Land. You have been hardened by your ordeal and are one of the relatively few survivors of the so-called People’s Crusade. Thankfully the professional army from Byzantium arrived in time to salvage what it could out of the rabble that started with you.
    You went on to reach the Siege of Antioch and somehow managed to survive the counter-siege when the Sultan Kerbogha arrived with a huge army to take the stripped and ravaged city back. Through famine and disease you endured that siege and witnessed the Holy Lance that had been excavated from the Church of St Peter. You were part of the insane charge out the gates of Antioch at the massive army of the Sultan, you saw the standard bearer raise the lance and had visions of angels protecting your vanguard as you swept through the superior army and drove them before you.
    On June 7th you dropped to your knees and wept when you finally saw the Holy City of Jerusalem before you after almost 4 years of war and marching. Your powerful army, once supposedly numbering in the tens of thousands, has been reduced to a mere shadow of what it was. Very few horses remain, mostly in the possession of the lords of the army and even those appear in poor health. Disease, lack of water, lack of food, and relentless pagan raiders have taken their toll on your forces.
    On June 13th you took part in the initial assault and were wounded and brought to the apothecary’s tent where you met your companions for the first time. Since you were either not feeling up to or were prevented by the apothecaries from participating in the three day fasting and the barefoot march around the city as dictated by Bishop Adhemar, you were not allowed to take part in the final assault on the 13th of July. You were allowed to enter with the second wave, but almost everything has already been done and you have entered a nightmare….

    -Players had a blast. Some of them messaged me wanting to know what happens next. The Paladin especially had fun, he is Catholic and is teaching himself Latin and found the symbolism to be great, plus even before I told them anything about the campaign, just we were going to be playing old school DnD he was excited to play a crusader so that really worked out. We have a shy Columbian girl playing the cleric who started developing her character as we played and figuring out how she was hiding her gender from everyone(because even to this day, Catholic Church doesnt allow female Priests) and so she stayed quiet whenever Father Lambrect was right there to keep her identity secret. One guy who didnt read the email primer made a rogue and he fit right in without trying. Last character is our researcher and she played a Genoese Crossbowman as a Stalker Kit ranger. It worked. We shall see how her character develops. Some of them were very WTF at the end in the next post.
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