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    In my setting there are no alignment-based planes or afterlives. Deities often, but don't always, congregate by pantheon, so that the gods of the human cities have Aos, the Eternal City which is contiguous with the plane of the more rural deities of the human culture, and connected to, but not a part of the planes of the nature deities worshipped by humans. Meanwhile, the dwarves have their own planes seperate from the human ones, though a human devoted to the dwarven dieties would go there.

    There are three dominant human cultures and each has its own pantheon and planes associated with them, with some dozens of lesser human pantheons. Other races and mixed race cultures have their own final rewards, and devils, demons, and other nameless horrors have their places.

    Any being powerful enough can go to the Astral Plane and through an act of will create and establish the physical laws of a pocket dimension. Of course, it must be maintained. A shared belief system of the inhabitants can usually do this, but only immensely powerful and intelligent beings can create a new living thing of even the complexity of a virus. Usually a plane's creator imports life.

    There are uncounted billions of such dimensions in the process of growth or dissolving, or being maintained by their creators or their creators heirs.
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