Ok, first all, just this side of red text: This is not about porn. This is sub-porn horniness scale of furry art. No offense if you like your porn a bit anthropomorphic, but I want that clear from the outset.

That said:

I am working on a Savage Worlds setting about mutant animals. Obviously, this is going to involve a lot of anthropomorphic animals in the art. But I want to be able to describe to people what kind of art I'm looking for, with relatively good examples. But I'm having trouble defining "high horniness" that is still beneath soft core porn.

Here's my standing definitions:

1) Low Horniness: Obviously anthropomorphic animals, but not drawn in any way that is supposed to be appealing to the public at large. Clothing is functional; if minimal, it is not designed to titillate. For example, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear mostly belts and masks... no pants, no shirts. But that's not to make them look sexy... they just look like turtles.

2) Moderate Horniess: Features that mimic human secondary sex traits (breasts, hips). Clothing is more revealing or form fitting, but still relatively practical. An example here would be the canon depiction of Lola Bunny in Space Jam. She's got breasts, she's got hips, she's wearing shorts... but that's clothing for a basketball game.

3) High Horniness: This is where I run out of examples. The character is obviously depicted as being conventionally sexy. Clothing isn't just form-fitting, it's practically vacuumed-sealed to them. They may be wearing a bathing-suit level of clothing. The closest I can come is maybe Tigra, from Marvel Comics. She runs around in a bikini, makes lots of sex jokes, but is, for the most part, an anthropomorphic animal.

Like I said, I'm talking sub-porn level. No pure nudity, no visible sex organs.