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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Hall View Post
    No offense if you like your porn a bit anthropomorphic
    You meant "no offense if you like your porn a bit zoomorphic" didn't you? Because I think porn where nothing is even remotely human-like is still the minority.

    3) High Horniness: This is where I run out of examples. The character is obviously depicted as being conventionally sexy. Clothing isn't just form-fitting, it's practically vacuumed-sealed to them. They may be wearing a bathing-suit level of clothing. The closest I can come is maybe Tigra, from Marvel Comics. She runs around in a bikini, makes lots of sex jokes, but is, for the most part, an anthropomorphic animal.

    Like I said, I'm talking sub-porn level. No pure nudity, no visible sex organs.
    what exactly are you looking for? Examples of famous characters that fit that description? Because, I am not sure how mainstream that is.
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