Just....Beastars. The anime is either R-rated or damn close to it, but does not contain any actual nudity (as defined by Hollywood i.e. naughty bits on screen). There's sex scenes, there's strippers, and there's some very dark imagery that showcases the interplay between sex and violence. It's not porn, it's just an adult show that doesn't shy away from or sanitize the subject matter. And every last character is an anthropomorphic animal of some kind. Despite the lack of nudity the nature of the show makes me very hesitant to post the "sexy" scenes from it. I advise just watching it - Beastars is a damn good show.

It's also a good demonstration of how to make a furry character attractive without simply drawing them in a sexualized way. Louis is obviously meant to be a very handsome man, and despite being a deer who is modestly dressed (most of the time) the art conveys this very well. On the distaff side Juno is a clearly attractive wolf even though we pretty much only see her in school clothing that is not sexualized in any way.