Depends on my mood.

I loves me 2e D&D. the classes are generally pretty light chassis for you to drape stuff on top.

I also loves me 4e D&D where each class is (usually) designed for a specific purpose within the "party" dynamic.

Sometimes I feel like a lite 2e sandwich and sometimes I want a hearty deep dish 4e.

But... looking at my current rules docs for 2e stuff, in one I've got 8 pages of specialty priests written up for a Grayhawk-come-Ravenloft game (and I do have some kits planned/ready to steal), and I'm probably going to have to do just as much for the 2e Eberron demake i've been banging out (which doesn't include the new spells, races, artificer class and dragonmark NWPs I already have written up/stolen from online sources) so YMMV as I might just be a weirdo who wants to make a very complicated 2e sandwich..