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Thomas Covenant was an adult in a Wonderland, and so was Louis Wu.
I'll have to look into these stories.

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I think the trick is to make the Wonderland frickin awesome so the jaded adventurer feels lost and must reset his pattern of thinking, or to make the protagonists tourists who expect different but are surprised by something that reminds them of home.

An example:
I once had an elf child interrupt a meeting between the PCs and his mother because he skinned his knee. How many times have you seen kids use some pretext to involve themselves in adult business? The players started asking questions about the dangerous forest and how children survived, and figured out the forest was only dangerous to them because they blundered blindly through monsters' established territories. The adventtre went from a series of encounters to a vacation in elfland.
That's a very clever idea.

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If they were created by this Turock, they must need to "feed" on something. They didn't become gods, so they can't feed on the worship of their followers, so what do the feed on?

Perhaps they feed on something humans have? That would give them a reason to interact with mortals frequently.

Innocence or creativity? Those would certainly explain why they target children... Do they feed on certain emotions (like Dresden Files White Court vamps)? Maybe they feed on the life of mortals, aging them?
Because I have way too much time on my hands, I made a deep dive into the metaphysics on what is a soul and what is life in my world here.

Here is the short version.

Shadow/True Name: A Shadow is the memory of an individualís existence and deeds. A True Name is a pure descriptor of an individual in total.

Animus: Metaphysical force that allows beings to act and move.

Heartís Fire: The divine spark that separates the living from the dead.

Psyche: The mystic element that separates sentient life from non-sentient life.

Mortis: The divine spark that separates sapient life from non-sapient life.

Undead generally try to feed on heart's fire. Void Demons try to consume Mortis. Arcane magic save or suck spells in my world are based on interfering with the flow of Animus.

So I'm thinking to have Fair Folk feed on emotions somehow, aka the psyche as much as I like the idea of those making pacts with Fair Folk having a runaway shadow like Peter Pan.

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Is the social ranking of their society based on who can do the most interesting things with mortals? Pulling pranks, stealing kids, granting quests, etc?
Ideally yes, but I'm sure about the implementation.

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Oh so some things that do come up.

Firstly you could have them linked to the very natural world (vs linking the Gods to civilization) this would fit to your history...the world Turok built vs the civ that the gods have shaped. In this The fae would be a lot like nature spirits. So not only would you have many nature/civ conflicts but as holders of Turok ideas (if not his original orders) they may feel that humanity/civilized races have stepped out of the natural order created for them and will try to find a new place to fit people back in...experimenting with both people, directly cursing them (damn it turn into a toad!), etc.
That's a good idea, I do have members of the Nine who work with nature, especially Korus, but there doesn't have to be clear cut boundaries.

There certainly is a mythological/folklore tradition of tying Faerie to nature.

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Another ideas is that the engagement of some sort with human/demihuman souls benefit them somehow. For the gods this may come in the form of worship but the fae must use other less effective methods. Some may use pacts, other will basically eat a soul (thus stealing people away, or tricking them into loosing bargains), others do so my creating and feeding on various emotions (love and fear being the classics), it could be that every time someone tosses salt over their left shoulder for luck there a certain fae who feels it as if that person was worshiping them and is so ever slowing gaining power towards their own semi-divinity.
Diet or alternate forms of faux worship is something I've considered but tripped over the implementation.

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Reaching out from the above in Changling:the Lost the changlings could feed on dreams and emotions. And as someone who very much liked the Changling the Lost, this can give lots of good fuel for adventures. Also if you have that era of WoD books open I'd look at the spirit world ones (arcane laws, advice on running "otherness", banes, etc) . My personal version of the WoD was generally considered a mix of very real, snarky, and fever dream. Which seems to be not too far from what you are looking for. These would be a decent source of ideas in general. And the spirit realm, dream shaping, and arcadia seem like good reads for you to lift from in making a more wonderous world....hell maybe fae have an aura that makes the world more like those spaces than the normal one (which of course they can never experience).
I have every book written for the out of print Changeling the Dream but I have never even opened a book or Changeling the Lost.

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As for the fair folk being mostly used in stories about kids...well they still have issues with their place in modern storytelling. Remember until Jackson's Lord of the Rings making a movie or TV show in the fantasy genre was basically automatically assumed to be made for kids and thus adult elements were removed. I think this is something the fae still suffer from...as they star in "fairy tales" and that is considered kid fantasy.
I hadn't thought of that. That is a good point.

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Other sources that jump to mind, at least for getting the right kind of tone if not active personified fae themselves, especially more adult ones would be things like Twin Peaks, Haven, The Neon Demon, much of the David Lynch oeuvre.
In general the supernatural drama genre may be a more adult version of the "fairy tale" overall. (I think the Magicians also had a fairy season but I didn't watch it that far) Also a fair few of the antagonists in various Steven King works could be good fae or faetouched. . . Randal Flagg and Pennywise both jump out but there are more. And differentiating a malicious fae from a demon in many horror films would be tough...so that would be another source of were to get inspiration of good fae stories from (and heck some slashers are basically trolls anyway)
I got a big backlog of reading to do, but I'll consider looking into some of these.

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And as for splitting them fae in group/courts etc. How about you separate them based on what they want? And thus why they mess with mortals in general?

Also what tone and feel are you going for in this world? Also how dreamlike/fantastical/etc vs
I have been struggling with the tone and scope. Perhaps I'm either cowardly or being contrarian but I notice I find myself seeking the Goldilocks zone, not too hot not too cold, not too hard not too soft, aka the middle way over and over again.

High Magic or low magic? I stubbornly tried to create a medium magic setting. Magic is common yes, but it is limited and things like raising the dead, teleporting, and destroying small armies with magic is off the table.

In terms of adult themes for something less in depth and rapacious than Song of Ice and Fire but less chaste and sanitary than Middle Earth. I recognize that is a very wide gulf.

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also while you can make decently hard system for yourself wonder will be very much helped if you players (and their characters) are pretty clueless.