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    Default Re: Skip straight to the Endgame: City of Locusts, Book 6 of Wrath of the Righteous

    Duadin's worst fears are realized. As the party enters the throne room, they find the queen huddles with her advisors near the throne, talking animatedly. To the side is a banquet table loaded with both hot and cold breakfast foods: white bread and cinnamon buns fresh from the oven, slabs of butter and soft cheese and honey, fresh fruit and preserves, hot black tea and a room temp oatmeal stout. But is it not the repast that draws your attention but the somber look on the Queen's face as she notices your arrival.

    "My friends, we have reports that the demon armies have started to advance upon the borders. I must go to Nerosyan now to organize the defenses there. The nearest horde to Drezen, an immense force of vrocks, babaus and apocalypse locusts, is marching here as we speak. I charge you to repel their attack using any means necessary. I promise I shall return as soon as I can. With reinforcements if need be, or with news about the Lexicon if you manage the threat by yourselves."
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