Lindon recalls that a greater marilith is a mythic creature and has standard spell like abilities of a normal marilith such as teleport, telekinesis, fly, blade barrier, summon demons, immunity to electricity and poison, resistance to acid, cold, fire and also some magic resistance.

Duadin knows all that Lindon does and also remembers hearing that this marilith general is one of Deskariís top commanders and prefers to lead her armies from the rear. She is cautious as well and recalls that of the numerous battles sheís led, not one crusader has been able to close to melee combat with her.

Akhmet has a sudden clarity, and remembers reading a centuries-old journal from an adventurer who encountered her in the Abyss. The mythic demon had a personal demiplane set amid the Rasping Rifts, Deskariís home plane. From thence she could strike at her foes across the planes, through astral projections and other such magic. She was also known to have a corrupted phoenix as a pet and bodyguard.