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Oh man. I forgot this game started. I need to catch up.

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Okay... So Mr. Popo claimed? But then said "don't give hints as to who the princess is not... I might be the princess. Does that mean they didn't claim?

This is not a "this seems Wolfy" post as much as "is this what happened" post.
To help, the snowy person who is also on fire asked the Countess to claim, and then I immediately did so in a cross post that I was already making when she asked.

This can be found on the previous page, and is why the identity of the Countess shall remain a mystery for the ages. Is it Mr Popo, who is clearly a person of masculine persuasion? According to the roles given out this game by the game host, I am forced to agree that I am now a lady person.

However, in case that's wrong, I am also the Princess who is hiding in plain sight, because I don't like giving hints to the disloyal maggots where I am and am not, and I would like to encourage others not to in the likely event of my own demise where I can't protect the Princess anymore, who is me probably.