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Jeen's assessment is correct. Anyone is free to say "I'm the Princess!". If it's not in bold, I will not pay attention to it and it's up to player speculation. This could lead to any number of players claiming to be Princess without any GM verification, just like people claiming Innocent Child in another game.

If the actual Princess says the words "I'm the Princess" but does not bold it, votes will still count against her up until she makes the claim in bolded text.

Rules as written are what I stated above and what I'm going with. Princess is a very powerful role by design - if someone soft claims Princess then they are not confirmed by me and can still be voted or counterclaimed per normal.

As for whether soft claiming is a good strategy or there are ways around it, I won't comment.
Thanks for the clarification. I might not like the rules as written, but I don't blame you.

However, I will blame anybody using the option of claiming without bolding. If you want to have the protection of beeing a princess, you should pay the prize as well.

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Oh man. I forgot this game started. I need to catch up.

Okay... So Mr. Popo claimed? But then said "don't give hints as to who the princess is not... I might be the princess. Does that mean they didn't claim?

This is not a "this seems Wolfy" post as much as "is this what happened" post.
Hello Gac, nice to see you.

Yes, Mr. Popo claimed Count. And I think his claim still stands, but he doesn't want the princess to revial herself. Or anybody claiming not Princess, which would reduce the number of people who could be the Princess.
On the other hand, it is very much possible for nobody to be the Princess yet.