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That does make Snowblaze's plan more pro-town.
But I still find it iffy in that it basically directs the Handmaidens to known targets, letting wolf NKs goes relatively free and wolf King/Princes get targets they know they can target.
Yeah but she's the Princess, she can do what she wants. It's up to all of us to follow the idea or not, and I put in a kindly and respectfully worded letter to her highness (which is also me) that we should not follow this particular plan, as villagery as the intent is, it is also quite pro-disloyal in effect.

And we must remember to word it respectfully as we are talking to royalty, my dear JeenLeen fighting machine.

Apologies, my lady. I didn't recognize you without your dress. I look forward to your becoming the new queen someday as well.

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Is it just me or does Jeen's reasoning here seem a little odd? Lynching someone to judge if their plan is pro-wolves or pro-town instead of just dissecting the plan and judging it on its own merits?
No, it is not only you.

Every single one of Jeen's posts makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Which is a pretty neat trick, as Popo is hairless. He's a genie, not a monkey.

He's also a lady, and royalty baby.

I am trying to talk Jeen down and get on the same page, but I am not forced to vote for Vecna today, is what I am saying.