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Time for me to read how this game works lol. Throwaway vote on Libro in case I fall off the face of the Earth - that way I'm still voting the least active player.
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Something about AvatarVecna's banter/joke-vote on Libro rubs me the wrong way, enough to justify an early D1 vote.
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Dear Prince Roland
I bring you terrible news! The Queen has tried to assassinate the Princess. But - praise the gods - the Princess was not hurt and the Queen was arrested. She is avaiting trial in the royal dungon. However, the danger is not over yet. She still has some allies hidden in the castle. Currently, we are locked in here. I hope, at least my letter will reach you, so you can learn of the events from a trusted source.
The Princess has gone into hiding, however there is wisper she might reveal herself soon and place herself under the protection of the Countess and her trusted Handmaidens. One of the other guests of the palace, Mr Popo, claims to be the Count. Nobody objected to this till now, and I tend to believe him. Such a lie would be too easy to proove wrong.
Personaly, I suspect AvatarVecna but I have to admit, I never liked her very much. Some time ago, I even dreamed of killing her with lightning, but she was innocent that night. Strange dream, realy, but I disgress. Pardon, Mylord.
I also don't like this stranger named BookWombat. A gambler, for sure. Maybe I can use my contacts at the servants to gain some more inforamtion about him tonight.

Yours truely,
Ambassador Rogan
<Snow asking about my vote>
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Well, it's not RNG random. AV

- is allways a good day 1 target
- had one vote already

Currently, there are 4 players I would not vote for.
[Rogan, Snow, Mr Popo, Xi]
And I didn't want to start a new wagon without a good reason. (Which I currently don't have). So I picked someone with one vote, who I would not mind getting eliminated. And the thought of AV never living to see day 2 ammuses me
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I am willing to arrest Vecna at this time. While certainly formidable as a deity, I believe this planet already has a god of destruction and death.

Of those accusing Vecna, I have a mixed read on Jeen, and if Vecna were to be disloyal I would feel better about Jeen. The big picture looks okay, but picking the wording apart gives me concerns. Rogan is fine for now, but that's not a read. That's a blind guess based on scary genie magic and little more. Reasons for voting Vecna are thin.

"is allways a good day 1 target
had one vote already"

Is not great.

"And the thought of AV never living to see day 2 amuses me" is particularly poor.

If Vecna had anything going for them, I would look at both votes for Vecna with a suspicious eye and actually defend Vecna, despite my distaste for the undead. Lo, they are sick icky things and must be cleansed with holy fire.


As for who Vecna is accusing, I distrust the accusation of Libro, who I have no special reason to care about other than it is possible they are loyal despite being tardy. Of the things Vecna is doing, none of those read as being loyal.

Given the relatively short time remaining in the first Day, I would advise Vecna that they may die today unless they reverse opinions and if they are going to claim it should be sooner rather than later.

If it happens at the last minute, there are a very narrow set of circumstances where I would move my vote.


Not Snowblaze,
Not Bladescape,
Not Xihirli at present
Not BattheCat at present,
Not anyone who has posted zero times.

Gac3, perhaps, but an abundance of caution leads me to reserve judgment.

My notebook is open, you can read it if you wish. I care not.

So, I don't think there are good reasons to vote for AV. No good reasons not to vote her either. (which is why my vote remains here, for the moment. I want to hear more from AV).