Duadin Ironskin

Duadin looks at Tomor blankly, "Have your troops hold where they can. We shall plug the gaps when they fall or where there is a threat too grave. At least until we can cut the tail from the snake demon that commands them." Looking at his companions he points up to the roof, "Shall we ascend the tower to get a better vantage point. The power of the Sword of Valour should prvent the vile demons teleporting within the structure itself."

If the others agree he'll tramp upstairs and stand atop the main tower, looking out towards the World wound, a gruff "Stand ready men, Honour her." as he waits for the inevitable hail of demons and death to decsend down upon them

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Duadin Ironskin
LG Dwarf Warpriest (Arsenal Champion) /Guardian, Level 16 / MR1, Init 4, HP 270/270, Speed 30
AC 38, Touch 19, Flat-footed 34, CMD 37, Fort 20, Ref 14, Will 20, CMB +19, Base Attack Bonus 12
Evil outsider Bane Cold Iron Warhammer +1 (- +25, 6d6+25 w/Imp Vital strike/Power attack) 25/20/15 (2d6+15, 19-20 / x3)
Comp (+5) Longbow Demon Bane +1 (50 cold iron, 50 silver) +17 /12 / 7 (1d8+6, x3)
Cold Iron spike Gauntlet MW +20/15/10 (1d4+6, x2)
Fly 1/ day, counts as medium. Celestial Plate Armour +3, Spend Fervour for +2/3(vs Demon/undead) Sacred AC for 1 minute |Heavy Steel Shield +2 Adamantine, Crusading (+12 Armor, +4 Shield, +4 Dex, +3 Natural, +3 Deflect, +2 Misc)
Abilities Str 24, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 18

+4 Saves vs Poison/Spells/Spell like abilities
CMD +4 Vs Disarm, Bullrush, Trip, Push, Pull

Immune: Fatigue, Exhaustion, Disease
Reduce Fear 3/ day
Ability Damage DR2 (1 vs Drain)

Mythic Power 5/5
Fervour 12/12
Blessing 11/11

Spells Active
Magic Vestment on Shield (increase to +4 bonus) - 32 hours
G Magic Weapon on Hammer (increase to +4 bonus) - 32 hours