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Bob Steelforge after taking too many drugs and believing he was an human and seeing no humans in the dwarven settlement he was living at the time and assuming it meant all the humans had been replaced by dwarves.

"That new trend for architects to place lava pits in houses have its uses after all: that is a convenient waste disposal and a way to get rid of vampires. If only it did not poison the air too I would get one for my house."
'...But with goblins and vampires on the loose, those annoyingly demanding noble neighbors who need to be reminded of their place and my very hungry great-grandma coming over next Sunday, why not?
After all, what can go wrong?'

- Dr. Harbek Brasshammer, commissioning a Lava Pit upgrade during the Winter of Blood.

'So let me get this straight - you put a bunch of miniature volcanoes in the heart of your underground city, then sealed your city up, then flooded the vampire army outside with magma?'