Part 3:
I am going to paraphrase this rather than have a massive block of text. Aside from the Anton section, it will follow the Night of the Walking Dead adventure.
They left off sitting in the middle of a river after the Sultana sank And started poling the raft east. I started the Night of the walking Dead adventure at this point and added in a visit with Anton Miroi who essentially started them on their overall quest. Bring me the Laginate Grimoire that entered the world with you and I will use it to send you home. Also at this point I took the kid gloves off since the railroad pretty much ends.

They fought the Dragon in the swamp(actually an alligator but their characters didnt know this), their cleric was almost eaten by the giant toads in the reeds, they cooked up frog legs. But no one wanted to wade around in the water to search the reeds thus missing two +1 short swords in a sunk flat bottom boat. I even rolled wisdom checks just to see if they would notice on my end, all four failed.

The ranger failed her tracking/direction sense and they wandered with a strong sense of direction the wrong way. At noon I let her roll again and explain to everyone else why she was changing course.

They made it to Anton's manor and get herded by several hundred zombies to the building. Only the paladin passed his fear check, everyone else ran for their lives leaving him to go "Guys?"

Anton gave his spiel, get the book for me,send you back, the nature of the realm, dark powers, dont trust anyone or anything, time isnt linear, The Raven Queen on the Isle of Ravens might know where the Grimoire is. Be sure to bring a black rose and deliver this missive in a heavy wax sealed scroll case to her. Not sure where you would find a black rose, go ask the Vistani. Remember you are a pawn, knowing you are a pawn may save you.

They get back on the walking dead adventure. Meet those vistani who inform them of the realm of Sithicus. Get to the floating house(its on stilts over the water). Next day get to town in time to see the funeral with the kicking casket and we called it for the night.

Everyone had a good time being lost in the swamp. I may add the short swords they missed into the adventure somewhere, maybe a nondescript mausoleum or in the manor. They will have to search for them though since they completely overlooked the spot last time.