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    Default Re: Do captivating Fair Folk stories require a soft magic system to work?

    Be aware that J.S. & Mr. N. is not everyone's kind of tea. It's very long and written as sometimes a history book, sometimes a Jane Austen story and sometimes a fairy tale and it loves to indulge in stylistic flourishes like footnotes that are half a page long, or references to other non-existant books. I love it. The short story summary is that there has been magic in England, and its history is reasonably well documented, but it has been dying out since the end of the middle ages. However, Britain is now deeply involved in the Napoleonic Wars and everyone is trying hard to bring magic back, which requires finding the Fae folk.

    From the same author, also recommendable and an easier read, is The Ladies of Grace Adieu, which is a collection of short tales about the interactions of Englishmen and Fairies.

    There's also a pretty good BBC TV series.
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