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Thread: Empire 6 - The Lands of the Embers

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    Region 83, One of the Citlallo Isles

    Writeup courtesy of Lleban! Thank you!

    Spoiler: Geography
    The landscape of Trifaria island is marked with the scars of glacial advance and retreat over the centuries, leaving a thin rocky soil across the island. Most of the terrain is covered in a mixture of pine and conifer forests, ill suited for most forms of agriculture. The soil only supports small plots of oat and rye. Moose, giant walking owls, elk, Brown bear, Daezrin wolverines, dwarf mammoths, goats, and long legged foxes. Meanwhile the coast is rocky, dotted with fjords that house numerous fishing communities. The shallow seas of the Dazerin isles allow for a wide diversity of marine life most notable, hundreds of expansive reefs filled with mussels, oysters and clams.

    Spoiler: People
    The main inhabitants in this region are a series of fishermen tribes collectively known as the Kasurha. Kasurha are typically found in villages consisting of long houses elevated on several planks of wood nestled within the fjord valleys. Travelers have been known to derisively call them Kasurha, the Plank folk. During the day men and boys go out into the coves and reefs to fish. While women journey into the forest to hunt goats, rabbits, and forage. Each season is celebrated with a festival where the Kasurha participate in fishing, weaving, and cooking competitions. All genders routinely anoint themselves in pine oil before the start of a hunt. Frequently Kasurha nobility adorn themselves with gilded oyster shells and pearl necklaces.

    Spoiler: History/Faith
    The Kasurha are fiercely independent people who typically prefer to remain in their villages. Occasionally a council of Kasurha forms in the event of a great calamity of threat from foreign lands. 200 years ago the Kasurha tribes united together to fight a tarandian pirate lord exiled from the lands of the Shandolyn. Using guerilla tactics and a mastery of slings, a united Kasurha people pushed the invaders back into the sea.

    Spoiler: Resource
    The Kashura lands are awash with reefs bearing pearls. Pearls are popular jewelry, and elaborate necklaces are seen as signals of status. The pearls vary in color, from opal blue, ivory, and even a vibrant crimson.
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