The logic that I am seeing, and which is my understanding of naval doctrine from a hundred years ago, is that when you are guarding your own "coast", then small ships like patrol boats and corvettes are able to do most of the work. All the little routine work where there's usually no need for use of force. Small ships do the job, so you use those, because they are cheaper. And that they have limited fuel and supplies doesn't matter.

When you have a need to send ships far away from home, you either intend to get into a real battle, or to make a threatening show of force. That's work for big ships, so there's not much point in taking the little boats along for the whole way. They need constant resupplying and won't be of much help for what's going to happen on arrival anyway.

Which is why I regard patrol craft and corvettes primarily as police ships that that don't need hyperspace drives. If you really need to redeploy them, you can tie a bunch together and use a haul tug to pull them through hyperspace.
There's going to be lots of light freighters that are no bigger than patrol craft, but with their purpose being cargo transport between planets, they need a hyperdrive to perform their job.

Also perhaps important to note again is that there won't be any starfighters, and therefore no carriers either. (Though there will be assault ships carrying ground troops and landing crafts, but they really should not participate in space battles.)