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    Default Re: Hyperspace Opera: Retro-Futuristic Swashbuckling and Gunslinging

    Originally Nixed by Yora
    No energy weapons
    No electronic warfare
    No video phones
    These items seem rather odd in terms of what to exclude. A simple laser qualifies as an energy weapon, and it doesn’t seem unreasonable that at some point, someone would aim an industrial laser at someone else and discover it’s just as good as a sword, and works at longer range.

    As for electronic warfare and video phones, we have these today in our pre-starflight society, so why wouldn’t interstellar societies make use of them?

    Originally Posted by Yora
    I am feeling pretty good about the twelve species that are traveling through space.
    This is another point that’s been subliminally nagging at me about the setup. You don’t want ancient advanced species, and in general you’ve said that you don’t want “countless undescribed alien extras” cluttering up the scene.

    That’s fair, but it does argue for a relatively depauperate galaxy in terms of sapient life. Even given the enrichment of the galactic medium through successive generations of supernovae, it seems likely that at some point in the past ten billion years—even if just in the past billion years—there should have been a certain number of alien species that were extremely successful, aggressive and competent at expansion.

    If there weren’t, then it raises the question of why no alien species ever expanded past a few systems—especially given the tremendous variety likely to evolve through billions of years of galactic history. If the answer is that there simply weren’t ever enough alien species for one to develop a far-flung civilization, then the question becomes why, in the “now” of your setting, are there twelve species living in close proximity, both in the same small volume of space and all crowded around this one point in galactic history?

    Originally Posted by Yora
    Cruisers are the undisputed masters of fleet battles…. Their massive sizes are the result of extremely powerful sublight engines combined with extremely heavy armor and the largest guns that can be put on a ship.
    This seems another odd choice, at least in the terminology, since in most science fiction the heavyweight ships are called dreadnoughts. The term “cruiser” to me implies a much lighter vessel, especially in a science fiction context.

    And since your setting is explicitly based on late 19th/early 20th century society and military, I would note that this was precisely the heydey of the great battleships, and it was only following their demise that cruisers became some of the largest warships in modern fleets. Thus it seems that battleships would find a natural niche as the largest warships in the setting, following the late 19th/early 20th century aesthetic.

    Also, even though you don’t like starfighters per se, there still may be a role for larger, jump-capable vessels that deliver a group of smaller vessels—say corvettes—to a specific area and support their operations. Since these larger vessels would carry the smaller ones, you might call them “carriers.” The riders aren’t starfighters in any sense; they’re operated by small crews, not single pilots, and they would have the flexibility to engage with a wider range of targets than the stereotypical fighter. If corvettes aren't typically jump-capable, then the ability to transport a small fleet of fast, agile corvettes would seem to be a tactic that at least some species might experiment with.

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