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While waiting for the next game to start, I was hoping to read some of the older ones. Can someone tell me whether the PJ game people keep referencing is Percy Jackson Maffia or Percy Jackson Werewolf?

Also, any recommendations for games that would be good to prepare me for the upcoming one (similar rules or often referenced by players) would be very welcome.

Hi Taffimai! Welcome. As for older games - I'm not sure which to point you at, but I would suggest instead of looking through the game archives, you could instead look through the current players in a few of their recent games. I took a hiatus for awhile and recently came back myself, and should have done that just to get used to the style of how people play. I feel you would gain a lot there. Take a look at AvatarVecna - they've been around awhile and IMHO are an extremely good player.

For the basics - look at any WW game in the first post of this thread. Easiest to look at earlier games - as we wrote the rules out more often.
Variants of the games take off from there, and are usually explained in the recruitment thread/first post of those games.

Some common terms however that will help.
Day phase - time frame where deductions are happening and no actions are being used (usually).
Night phase - time frame where actions are happening (Werewolf kill, baner protection, seer looking at someone)

Villager/Townie/Citizen - no special abilities or actions besides their sharp wits. They win when they eliminate the wolves.
Wolf/Mafia/Scum - the bad guys. They are usually hiding, and if they outnumber the villagers, they win.
Baner/Doctor/Hero - Village aligned person who protects someone each night.
Seer/Detective/Investigator - Village aligned person looking for a wolf each night.

Terms I've learned since I've come back.
OMGUS - Oh my god you suck. Usually a logic used to seek revenge on another player at the start of a game as payback for a previous game.
BUS - Throwing someone under the bus.
Yeet - I'm old and have no idea, but apparently it refers to booting someone into the sun.