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I'd also like to suggest the story telling potential of intransitive hyperspace. Going back the way you came is the most boring possible path. If you're into historical metaphor, sailing routes were also intransitive, resulting in complicated interactions.
Neat idea. I had considered it myself. But in the content of a game, there need to be 2D maps that all players can easily understand and use without much trouble, which is why I went with the two-way variant. In any other kind of medium, I'd probably went with that idea.

Something of a Map-ish thingy

So I finally managed to make something that in some ways has similarities to a map.

Spoiler: Map(s)

Top Layer

Middle Layer

Bottom Layer

What you may possibly be able to make out here are three slices of a 3D space that contain twelve spherical territories.

The sphere of the Whites is centered on the Top Layer and extends down into the Middle Layer. Caterpillar space is also centered on the Top Layer and big enough to extend all the way down to the Bottom Layer. (They also extends above the Top Layer, but I want to keep it to just three.)
The Amphibians, Mantises, Reds, Aquatics, Porpoises, Drones, and Reptiles are centered on the Middle Layer.
Lions, Giants, and Hippos have their territory centered on the Bottom Layer.

I highlighted sector A8 and C11 as the two areas which I think are the most interesting ones for adventures, and the one which I plan to describe in real detail. Both are actually cubes themselves, but I have not yet worked out how I want to map that in detail.
Sector A8 is mostly above the territories of the Reds, Whites, and Mantises, with unexplored space further up, and straight line access from the Aquatics and Amphibians as well. While this is a frontier region, the nearest states are all quite highly advanced and the native peoples relatively human (despite the appearance of the Mantises.)
Sector C11 is mostly below the territories of Hippos, Reptiles, and Drones and open to unexplored space further down, with easy access from the Giants and Caterpillars. While the nearby Giants and Caterpillars are quite advance, this is possibly the least developed area in known space, and home to the more weirder species.

Though I've made this map with a sphere for each species, several of these spheres are actually split between numerous fully independent states. But what this map does is helping me tell which states will be worth creating some description for. Lions, Aquatics, and Porpoises won't need any writeups for specific states, and for Giants, Caterpillars, and Drones, I'll only be needing one or two that are bordering sector C11. So instead of potentially 80 to 100 states, I'll only have to bother with maybe 15 to 20. And with A8 and C11 being on opposite sites of known space, I'll only have to bother with one for now and can leave the other for when I might want to run a second campaign or simply out of fun.

Sector A8 will be the focus for now, which means that Reds, Whites, Mantises, Amphibians, and Aquatics will be the ones that have colonies and outposts in the area, and Lions and Caterpillars being more common as NPCs than the remaining species