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    Default Re: Mafia Capital (WWC XIII): Important Info Here -- READ OPENING POSTS!

    Looking to workshop some ideas for my next game. Spoilered for length but there's nothing secret in it.

    Spoiler: Dead of Winter Mafia idea

    So, the board game I'm adapting this time is called Dead of Winter. It has a few mechanics that I'd like to adapt to Mafia eventually, but I figured I'd only pick out one or two this game. Some of them I need help balancing, some of them I'd like advice for how they can work well.

    Each turn, there's a Crisis to deal with. If enough resources are contributed by players, then nothing bad happens. The way I planned to use this was to make an all power game, but each Night players decide to use their power or help the Crisis that Night. If not enough people help with the Crisis then the penalty is that powers won't work that Night at all.

    • How many people should need to give up their powers for this to work? 50%? Less? More?
    • Should a failed Crisis prevent the Mafia kill also? If the kill still goes through, wouldn't Mafia never contribute to the Crisis so no one has powers but they still kill?
    • Is this even fun in the first place? I like the risk/reward structure but for players this might feel like giving them a cool power and then telling them they shouldn't use it.

    Secret Objectives
    Each player has a secret objective during the game that they must achieve in order to win. They usually make it slightly harder for the group, it's usually hoarding supplies or something like that. For Mafia, an example could be the Cop needing one or two investigations to give a result of town - rather than hunting Mafia they may investigate people they trust to achieve that goal.

    • This doesn't work so well in a game where people are eliminated early - whoever dies Day 1 and 2 probably won't complete their objectives and lose anyway.

    In the game, if you suspect someone of being a traitor, you can vote to exile them from the game. For Mafia, rather than being lynched the player voted could be exiled instead - their alignment wouldn't be revealed, they wouldn't be able to vote and wouldn't count toward victory, but the town could later vote to bring them back into the game.

    • I like the idea of being able to bring someone back if you change your mind on them, but I'm not sure anyone would do it in practice?
    • Maybe it would work better if players could still target exiled players? So a cop could check the person you just voted out and if they claim that the person was innocent, you have to decide whether or not to trust the cop?

    Crossroads Cards
    Each turn, there's a chance that a Crossroads card is activated. If it is, the player is presented with a hard choice: picking between two options with pros and cons or taking a risk of either getting a reward or getting penalized. In Mafia, the payer would be presented with a choice at the beginning of the Day or Night phase and would have that phase to make a decision.

    • Who gets to make this choice? My idea was that whoever has the second most votes at the end of the Day, and the person who was targeted most at Night. But I could have people do a second vote for who gets to make the choice.

    There are named characters in the game with their own professions, abilities, an Influence value. I could use Influence for ties, abilities/profession would dictate powers.

    • Influence might be unnecessary but if I do named characters it would probably be an all power game. I'd just have to decide if the list of possible characters/roles is public or not.

    Different Locations

    In the game, you search for items at different locations and move your characters around the board. I could use this to restrict actions/let people talk at night based on their locations?

    • I'd consider making it so you can only target people at your location. It would restrict town's ability to use their powers (if there's two people at the Gas Station and one of them is the Seer, they can only target the person they're with) but also limits the mafia (if there are three people at the Library and one of them dies, one of the other two is the killer).
    • Night talk is nice but not sure how much it helps/adds to the game.

    After typing that all out, I think I'll go with the Crossroads part of the game and possibly using the named characters as roles (no swapping them around this time though). But that's not definite at all, so any feedback would help.
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