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Well, I had an absolute blast. I really, really loved the game being based on analysis, not the mech. Mech is booooring. Analysis is fun. Even when I was pushed for scumread, my mind was always "why?" and it forced me to knock some dust off of deep analytical questioning where it hadn't before.

Things I didn't do well -
I was lead astray in the trust train. Found myself saying "Uh-huh, that makes sense..." far too often.
I didn't research nearly at all to the level others did.
I missed night one action. I let that level of guilt also lead me astray.

Things I did do well -
Had fun. Speaking of which, did I earn Popo bucks?
Learned more about you guys, and this will help in the future. Note - "Never trust AV"
Got inspired to write some really good parodies - hope you enjoyed them.

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Don't feel guilty about playing a bad guy role to the best of your ability. You did great, you murderous scum.
Hey, mech can be pretty fun. At least if it is slightly more complicated than "detect evil".

The guards were not that good for any side. Probably a bit more useful for scum early on, but better for town later. They are effective to make fake claiming dangerous. They are less useful to find new roles unless you can limit the options by some other means.
That being said, my own guard usages were not really helpful.

The Prince power was more useful for scum. The extra info about the way the roles changed made it easy for us to track roles.

The king was neutral. Both sides could use it to accurately determine one past role and get a good guess for the new role. (A prince could influence things in favor for scum)

The maiden was neutral as well. For town, the kill protection was strong, for scum the protection from scries.

The Baron was a bit easier for scum to use (better knowledge about the targets) but otherwise neutral.

The Priest was more useful for town, but scum could gain something nice from it as well. We could identify gac as Baron by seeing his targets.

The Princess would have been a great boon for town. Unkillable at day, so they could have played aggressive. An inactive with this power was really bad luck.

The countess could have been more powerful as well, if Libro had used his position of trust some more.

In a similar game, it might be interesting to add a neutral role who could see the unused roles instead of giving scum this power. Maybe allow this neutral to use the power of one of the inactive roles each night, so there is an active component as well?

It's actually hard to resist agreeing with some of the more active players. They spend so much work in constructing the cases, how could they be wrong? Unless you spot a grave mistake, that is. (Or you know they are wrong, since you know the real alignment of the target)

Never trust AV? Well... I told you to lynch her! In fact, this game I was voting for each and every of my team mates. That's a really good track record.

I liked all of the RP posts this game. I had set me a target of one letter per day, but failed miserably... But still, it was fun to read what you all came up with. And having fun is the most important thing.

Oh, I don't doubt I did well this match. Far from perfect, but well. However, in general I like to be honest. And it's frustrating when I have to balance being honest with my own victory condition AND the way things can be interpreted by you all.

Since all wolves* are in agreement about the chat:
Wolf chat is this way

* Technically, Emmy didn't say she is fine with sharing, but since the whole chat only contains one post... I can't imagine she would mind.

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Actually, a couple questions I meant to ask:

What did people think of Night Talk only? Particularly asking the Mafia members, since this theoretically made things harder for you by not coordinating during the Day.

What did people think of swapping roles around? Annoying and needlessly complicated? Or a change of pace partway through the game?
Night talk only is fine. Sure, it makes coordination harder, but you can always try to plan ahead a bit. Wolves had a number of advantages, we could take that disadvantage as well.
I guess the Baron power might have been frustrating sometimes, since you had to wait a whole day before you could take full advantage of the thing. Maybe allow one post per member at the first day next time?

About the role swapping, I already gave some thoughts about it in my roles review.
It is an interesting mechanic, but it was highly in favor for the wolf team.