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Thanks everyone for the game!

Honestly didn't think anyone knew about the sig thing, something to change. Welp.
I wonder why no one suspected AV for being the only one to point that out the day after I died.

Was indeed a fun game, Mr Popo was... interesting.
I didn't knew you would do this. Kind of wish you had not done so, even if it was very useful for the wolf win. But you can read most of my struggle about this in the wolf chat.
It was luck for my side, bad luck for yours.

I think, it played a role that AV used this bit of info to construct a case against someone else. This way, someone else was in the focus of town instead of people wondering why you died. Of course it also helped that you died at night 2, so a lucky guess or process of elimination could have been an explanation for finding your role as well.

By the way, you should listen to your dice some more