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I'm curious to hear how Popo's solo-solving went post-death.
I was mad at town for not resolving Rogan immediately like I said.

And then you never dying at night would have been suspect, as I said.

You get considered in f3 for not dying after everyone else dies.

But if wolves win because they have partners alive, before f3, then game too short for you to die for being deep.

GG well played for smoking me, AV.

Deep wolves are good. Glad to have gotten punked. It's been a while since someone legit fooled me.

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I was also disappointed at myself for not strongly towncasing goof better and Snow better.

BatCatHat just felt like the other wolf. Shrug.

I can't find every wolf. I usually get 2-3, and here I was, with 2-3.

And called the bussing out, too.

Good game. Not good enough, but it never is. Always improve.

Rogan, sorry you don't like my style, but town never would have won this game if I didn't put your bussing to bed.

And town didn't win because they didnt put your bussing to bed.

AV ruled the town after I died, therefore, town didn't fight back hard enough.

Good game.

Individual townies gave great performances.

Town as a whole did pretty okay.

Wolves had a beast in AVecna. Good d1 distancing between Rogan and Vecna.

Very well played, woofers.

Popo get you next time!

Adds 3 wolves to pile of accused/voted wolves.

Sees town still dead, is sad. But hey, I was beat legitimately by good method acting.

No one ever comes back from my assaults when theyre a wolf.

Should have known it would have taken a God of Death to defeat the Guardian of Earth.

Peace. Was fun playing with blades again.

Gonna be gone now, back to the shadows with me. Got infant daughter to care for.

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Also I loathe spoiled dead chats.

Not because of the people in there, but because when people get spoiled, they start to form like a smug mob mentality against anyone who guessed wrong.

It may not have happened here, but it happens a lot in spoiled spec and dead chats in places I play, so I just avoid them like the plague.

I never even want to see inside, and I dislike spoilers.

I also warned people about gac being town, and not to push there, in addititon to Goof, but.... I was dead, and quickly forgotten. And Snow still had popo bucks.

Ah, Goof.

I don't know if you earned funbucks, but you became a stronger townread than anyone except my blues due to the Xihirli unpairing, and so did Snow.

So neither of you should ever have died.

Hitting BatCat was easy because his iso looked like the last wolf. Shrug.

If Popo not actually know the answer, he guess wrong when wrong answer look correct. It happens.

Sorry about that. At least guessed Rogan right, and Emmy, reversed on Xi when wolves bussed Xi, and found townies from bussed Xi and accused Rogan off of bussed Xi.

But no protection for Popo means I cant do more than that. 3 wolves accused is a lot.

If not enough then.... yeah.

Still my fault for townclearing Vecna. Did amaze job.

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Didnt read everything, here is my personal quicktopic.