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You get considered in f3 for not dying after everyone else dies.
This is why I aimed to get handmaid. I figured everybody knows wolves know handmaid is in unused, so if prince takes it out, everybody knows wolves know I have it, so they aim the kill elsewhere. I get to kill every night, and nobody suspects me because they think I'm only safe from being perma-baned.

But if wolves win because they have partners alive, before f3, then game too short for you to die for being deep.

GG well played for smoking me, AV.

Deep wolves are good. Glad to have gotten punked. It's been a while since someone legit fooled me.
FWIW this is probably the hardest I've ever tried at a game on either side, just cuz your presence kinda pushed for that extra effort. I ruined my sleep schedule trying to keep one step ahead and I'm honestly still not entirely sure why it worked. Even UPick and PJ weren't this stressful. I might need to sit the next game out.

I'm definitely gonna need to incorporate some of the methods you mentioned in your process, and I probably need to figure out scumleans more scientifically like is done there, rather than what I've been doing. It works well enough, but as you said, there's always room to improve.