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I'm definitely gonna need to incorporate some of the methods you mentioned in your process, and I probably need to figure out scumleans more scientifically like is done there, rather than what I've been doing. It works well enough, but as you said, there's always room to improve.
Why I am happy you smoked me is because otherwise I am not learning something new.

I want my guide to be a good read, a useful read.

If someone reads my guide and then runs into you, I want them to be ready.

I wasn't.

Literally 500 games and no one has done what you did to me. Well played, shake hands, deeply admirable wolfing.

Genius level. Mainly WIM, but also, the d1 unpairing usually works and it failed here for you.

Worked on every other wolf and locked a lot of townies town, but nooooot quite good enough.

Whenever we are GLORIOUS but noooot quite glorious enough, that means we can improve the process.

Process worked.

Doesn't look pretty when it keeps bumping into walls but look at end result of rounds:

1) Villager that was really hard to sort as not wolfy, still unvoted before end of round but wagons couldnt change.
2) Wolf
3) Wolf
4) Dead, but pointing at Wolf.

Process works.

It is sloppy, but gets there in the end and sweeps all the scums, usually. Like a Roomba.

But even a Roomba that does the whole room over and over can sometimes get stuck and miss a spot.

Need entire village to double check Roomba's work, see if any spots still dirty.

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Well, I had an absolute blast. I really, really loved the game being based on analysis, not the mech. Mech is booooring. Analysis is fun. Even when I was pushed for scumread, my mind was always "why?" and it forced me to knock some dust off of deep analytical questioning where it hadn't before.

Things I didn't do well -
I was lead astray in the trust train. Found myself saying "Uh-huh, that makes sense..." far too often.
I didn't research nearly at all to the level others did.
I missed night one action. I let that level of guilt also lead me astray.

Things I did do well -
Had fun. Speaking of which, did I earn Popo bucks?
Learned more about you guys, and this will help in the future. Note - "Never trust AV"
Got inspired to write some really good parodies - hope you enjoyed them.

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Don't feel guilty about playing a bad guy role to the best of your ability. You did great, you murderous scum.
I enjoyed everything about you, Supagoof.

It makes me sad I can't join the next game you are in and just sit and enjoy the whole thing with you.

Our time together was too short. Wish we had more.

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As soon as I was snug in Popo's pocket, I killed him off so that I wouldn't have to worry about continuing to fool him. This is why my effort dropped off massively D4, btw: putting that much effort into WW tends to get pretty tiring for me, and continuously keeping Popo off my scent basically screwed up my sleep cycles for the past week and a half, and probably for the next week while I fix them.

That makes Mr Popo feel very good.

If you have to go that ham and that hard and screw up your real life to pull a fast one on Mr Popo then I have absolutely done my job and presented you with a worrysome challenge.

Kudos to you, and warm appreciations for the respeck.

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Honestly, I'm surprised no one realised I got N1'd because I picked up Rogan's positioning in thread D1 was wolfy.

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I am curious to see D1 wolfchat tho. Anyone willing to share that?
I don't borrow dead player's reads.

I did confirm you suspected Rogan, after I did on my own.

Felt good man.

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Yeah, I doubt we would have ever won a F3 against AV. Still. At least Id be less mad at myself.
Always ask why the most widely townread player never got night killed.

Thats why it is dangerous to be so widely townread.

Wolf team was able to steal handmaiden role, which means that wolves have an excuse to never be nightkilled.

Which destroys analysis.

Doctors destroy town analysis.

It's usually simple: Towniest player ever lives entire game, all other wolves dead, bussed them all?

That's bussing.

Invert your town to wolf list at the end. Popo has done it many times.

Doctor screws that up.

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Thanks for the game!
Dead chat.

I really didn't expect anyone to see my sig thing, welp.
Probably would ask that this sort of play doesn't happen in future games, because A) its not very good for town and B) it is almost the same as out of game communication, like PMing someone.

It's a workaround the rule of no private communication.

No rule against it, so it is legal here, no problem for me. You were creative.

I am just suggesting this loophole get closed for all future games.

We could have used a town handmaiden, after all.