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    Quote Originally Posted by bladescape View Post
    Honestly, I'm surprised no one realised I got N1'd because I picked up Rogan's positioning in thread D1 was wolfy.
    Can't realize things that didn't happen. Here's quotes for you:

    Quote Originally Posted by scumchat #21 (AV)
    People we shouldn't kill, and why not:

    gac3: Popo might be chasing gac down tomorrow
    AvatarVecna: scumbuddy
    Xihirli: scumbuddy
    Book Wombat: Popo might be chasing BW down tomorrow
    Rogue_Alchemist: Inactive, will self-resolve
    Snowblaze: is baiting us into killing her
    Libro: is baned tonight 9 times out of 10
    EmmyNecromancer: scumbuddy
    Rogan: scumbuddy
    JeenLeen: already dead

    That leaves our list of potential kill targets as follows:
    Mr. Popo
    Quote Originally Posted by scumchat #28 (AV)
    Supagoof is being so quiet they're basically inactive. They might come back strong D2, but probably not too strong. Additionally, I'd rather not kill somebody who just rejoined the community.

    bladescape is supposedly gonna be more casual this game (which lines up so far), but if they switch back on, that's bad for us. Your status is going to be constantly reevaluated, and I'm already set up to throw you under the bus if a good opportunity arrives - killing blade won't look like "rogan killed blade to prevent reevaluation", because nothing can prevent anybody from being reevaluated after a D1 like that.

    Batcathat is active and townread by Popo, but that might change in re-eval, and in any case they're not the most dangerous player.

    Mr Popo has been acting confident they can't be killed the whole game. It might be a ruse, it might be the truth that he wants us to think is a ruse. Thinking about whether or not to kill Mr Popo is playing into his hands somehow, and he's another old gamer returning to the community, so I'm disinclined to kill him immediately - if that happens too often, it might drive him away, and I'm more concerned with the community than the individual game.

    I'd prefer to kill bladescape, of this list, with Batcathat as my backup. If I were feeling particularly spicy, I might target Mr Popo on the assumption that this whole thing has been an act because he's convinced the wolf-team is bad and that wolf team also isn't going to take risks like "kill somebody who is highly likely to be baned". If I were taking the most fun option (but not the one that I think would give us the best chance of victory), I'd play a mindgame of my own and kill gac3 - eliminate one of the people on Popo's public shortlist of scum suspects. It's sorta like dumping wine bottles all over the table - I'm not setting him up for a specific poisoned wine bottle, as much as just trying to get him thinking in circles of what we're trying to say with that kind of kill.
    Targeting blade was just a matter of eliminating people who would be bad NK targets - no scumbuddies, nobody getting wagoned tomorrow, no inactives, nobody who's probably baned. Popo is maybe baned, Libro is definitely baned (except apparently not lol), Libro/goof/RA are inactive...there weren't really many good options left for guaranteeing the kill goes through.
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