Mr Popo has been acting confident they can't be killed the whole game. It might be a ruse, it might be the truth that he wants us to think is a ruse. Thinking about whether or not to kill Mr Popo is playing into his hands somehow, and he's another old gamer returning to the community, so I'm disinclined to kill him immediately - if that happens too often, it might drive him away, and I'm more concerned with the community than the individual game.
No worries, I had a 4 week window where I could plausibly play again because vacation and wife giving birth so I was at home a lot.

Now with 3 week old daughter and nearly 2 year old son, and wife needing my help, this is quits again for the foreseeable future.

You can't drive me away, I quit!

I was always going to be a cameo here. Wanted to play with AV and Bladescape again specifically, and they did not disappoint.