I really like the idea of Dead of Winter Maffia, and I want to specifically request Sparky to be in it somehow.

You seem decided on the crossroads mechanic, so perhaps instead of lynching we could vote who has to do it (and some might be lethal). For the crisis I thought it could take your lynch vote rather than your night action, and the location could be incorporated that way: you either stay in the colony and get to vote, or you go somewhere to forage for supplies. At night, the saboteurs (maffia) have to choose whose supplies to steal hoping to make town fall short. If the crisis is resolved, a saboteur gets found out and exiled, if not, a townie starves/freezes/falls sick/dies of exposure/gets bitten/... Your character (role) could then give bonuses to foraging/fortifying/surviving disease or whatever rather than night actions.

Those are some of my ideas, I don't know how feasible they are or whether they work with what you were envisioning. Either way I think it's a great idea, and don't forget Sparky