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    Default Re: Mafia Capital (WWC XIII): Important Info Here -- READ OPENING POSTS!

    I'm gonna think it over, your ideas make sense, I just want to make sure I don't throw in so much that it's barely mafia anymore but something else entirely. I was originally just going to do the crisis thing but then it feels like I'm giving everyone powers and telling them you should play it as vanilla Townes.

    Also, you brought up foraging for supplies - if I go with the different locations, maybe people can find one shot powers at each location?

    Sparky will be incorporated somehow :)

    EDIT: one thing I want to make sure of is that there's a vote to lynch every day like normal (the exile idea messes with that but it's still removing someone from the game). If we take away town's ability to remove someone like that, then I don't feel like it's mafia anymore.
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