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WEG 2e R&E

So, Ewoks have three special skills... Thrown Weapons, Glider, and Primitive Construction. Ithorians have two... Agriculture and Ecology.

If I'm a human character, can I use these? If I want to do some Ecology-like investigations, would I use base Knowledge? Science? Planetary Systems? If I'm stuck on an alien planet in just my boxer shorts, what skill would I use to make a hut, or start a garden?

Yes, you can use those skills. They would default to the skill level of the parent attribute, so "Glider" would fall under the "Mechanical" attribute (the default for piloting skills), for example, and your Ecology-like investigations would be under your "Knowledge" attribute.

2e R&E allows for skill specialization, which is how the Ewoks and Ithorians have those "special skills". They are simply specializations of a much more broad category of Science, in the case of the Ithorians, which in turn is a specialization of "Knowledge".

If you are, in fact, stuck on an alien planet in just your boxer shorts, most of the skills you listed would fall under "knowledge". A "Planetary Systems" check would let you find general information about the planet (if it is known) in much the same way that you could find out about, say, France. You could find that your character knows that Tatooine is hot and covered in sand, that Jawas and Sand People are native to the planet, etc. but survival in the Dune Sea would come down to a series of Knowledge checks to see if your character knows how to survive in his or her boxers in the open desert.